The Ultimate 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner
Change the way you clean

with the power of steam!

From the maker of the world’s #1 steam cleaning tools!
Just 3 Easy Payments of
$49.95+ FREE S&H
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Just 3 Easy Payments of
$49.95 + FREE S&H
  • H2O HD®
  • Water Filter
  • Limescale Cleaning Pin
  • Glider
  • Microfiber Cloth Pad
  • Bent Nozzle
  • Round Nylon Brush (Green)
  • Round Brass Brush (Black)
color may vary
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Lightweight. Fast. Powerful. Completely Chemical Free!

Sanitizes with Steam!

Kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses*

Controlled lab testing has shown that when applied for up to 15 seconds, the H2O HD Steam Cleaner can kill between 82% to 99.9% of certain bacteria and viruses. Efficacy varies according to surface tested.

It's Time to Trade in Your Mop and Broom
Lift dirt and stains from sealed hardwood, tiles, rugs and carpets in one pass with the lightweight H2O Mop® HD™
Just Add Water!
For any hard floor, the H2O Mop® HD™ 200° steam cleaning breaks down and loosens the dirt. In the same pass, the super absorbent microfiber attachments lift the dirt and lock it in – sweeping, mopping and polishing your floor all at once!
For carpets and rugs, use the carpet glider attachment to help clean and refresh all your rugs and carpets – saving you hundreds on carpet cleaners and without using any harmfull chemicals.
Whatever the surface, 

the H2O Mop® HD™ will steam it clean!

Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
Hot Air Fryer
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner with Digitally Controlled Variable Steam
Designed to Thoroughly Clean and Help Sanitize** Any Surface Without Using Harsh Chemicals


For a streak-free beautiful shine on all floors!


Clean tiny and hard to reach places effectively


Spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces


The innovative Carpet Glider brings carpets and rugs back to life


Say goodbye to ironing! Wrinkles fall out, creases easily melt away
1. Floor Cleaner - Works On Any Floor Type! For a streak free shine on sealed wood floors. Steam set in between for tile, grout, ceramic and more!
Thoroughly deep cleans most floor types. Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, laminate, and sealed hardwood.*
2. Hand Held Steamer - Clean even hard to reach places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush for maximum versatility.
3. Window Cleaner - Cleans Virtually Any Surface in Seconds! Without using any harmful chemicals, have spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces, and clean super tough stains on sinks, stove tops, and even inside ovens!
4. Carpet Cleaner - The innovative Carpet Glider brings carpets and rugs back to life. Use it to remove stains, refresh, revive, and deodorize.
5. Garment Steamer - Say Goodbye to Ironing! With the Garment Steamer attachment, wrinkles fall out, creases melt away and your garments will be fresh and ready to wear.
Lightweight and Agile Cleaning for the Whole House!
  • Lightweight & Easy - For One Hand Cleaning
  • Multi-use - Works on Any Surface & Fabric
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria, Viruses and Germs* - with Chemical-Free Cleaning
  • Steam Control Panel - for Variable Steam Setting
  • Helps Remove Pet Odors & Creases from Upholstery
  • Triangle Head Allows for Agile Cleaning in and Around Hard to Reach Places
  • Save Money - Replaces a Variety of Different Cleaning Products
Lightweight! Weighs Less Than 5lbs
Easy to Use One-Touch Button
Perfect for Hard to Reach Places
People are LOVING H2O Mop® HD™
Over 12 million H2O Series Steam Cleaners Sold Wordwide†
5 Stars
"I cannot believe some of the stuff it is removing!"
“I have gotten rid of all harsh chemicals in the house. A person with allergies, this is a wonderful product and now I don’t have to yell at the kids to stay off the floor because I know it is safe. I will never go back to those harsh chemicals again.”
- Melissa
5 Stars
"I loved this so much I bought it for my staff"
"I loved this product so much when using it in our home that I bought the steam mop for our staff to use in both our backpacker youth hostels. Not only does it do and excellent job throughout our buildings, but it cuts the costs of using cleaning fluids. Put simply, we love it - and so do our guests!
- Caroline
5 Stars
"it Works perfectly with no effort at all"
"I absolutely love the H2O HD. It works perfectly with no effort at all, reaches all the nitty gritty parts I wouldn't normally manage to clean. Smells beautiful & gives me complete piece of mind that my house is clean & floors are safe for my baby to play on. Best product ever made!"
- Kristy
5 Stars
"eliminates the need to buy cleaning products"
"I love this. Cleaning made quicker, easier and importantly cheaper in the long run because you don't need to buy cleaning liquids to use with it! FANTASTIC!!!"
- Andrew
5 Stars
“I absolutely love this machine!!! I never realized how much dirt I was missing with my spray mop.”
- Deserea
5 Stars
"And I thought my bathroom was clean!!! The steam mop proved me wrong!!! 
House is sparkling thanks to this fantastic steam cleaner!"
- Michelle
5 Stars
"The best thing I ever bought. It does everything it says it does and I also use it to steam clean my animal cages so no need to use potentially toxic chemicals to clean them."
- Karen
5 Stars
“This item revolutionized the way I clean the house! Everything is so easy and smooth now. I use the H2O Mop HD for almost eveything! Thank you so much!”
- Lisa
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Your Full Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you are not happy with your purchase for ANY reason, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing.

Get Yours Steam-Mop Kit Now
  • 1 x H2O HD®
  • 1 x Limescale Cleaning Pin
  • 1 x Microfiber Cloth Pad
  • 1 x Water Filter
  • 1 x Round Brass Brush (Black)
  • 1 x Round Nylon Brush (Green)
  • 1 x Bent Nozzle
  • 1 x Glider
3 Easy Payments of
Full Price: $149.85
KILL 99% Bacteria and Viruses*
Free Elite Accessories Include:
  • Extension Hose
  • Coral Cloth for Windows Cleaning Tool
  • 2x Strap for Hand-Held Streamer
  • Storage Bag
color may vary
30-Day Money Back 

Satisfaction Guarantee

*Offer Details: Special TV Offer H2O Mop™ HD for full price of $149.85 + FREE S&H with or 3 payments of $49.95 + FREE S&H charged in 30 day intervals to the payment account you provide today. 

**Controlled lab testing has shown that when applied for up to 15 seconds, the H2O HD Steam Cleaner can kill between 82% to 99.9% of certain bacteria and viruses. Efficacy varies according to surface tested. 

† Over 12 million "H2O" series steam cleaners have been sold in over 80 countries.

H2O Mop® HD™ and related logos and variations are trademarks or registered trademarks, in Canada and/or other countries, of Thane IP Limited and/or its affiliated companies. *Always check your floor manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using this product. 

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